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Centrifuge is a powerful industrial equipment that works on centrifugal force to separate components of different densities within a fluid. An industrial centrifuge machine has many benefits, including increased speed and efficiency, precision, versatility and automation options.

Stalwart International is one of the leading cGMP equipment manufacturers and exporters in India that provides installation and maintenance service. They have various applications across several industries.

A high speed centrifuge separates different components during drug manufacturing and development in the pharmaceutical industry. In the chemical industry, a high speed centrifuge separates chemical components. Other types of centrifuges include hematocrit, decanter, disc stack and laboratory centrifuge.

Stalwart International is an industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer in India. If you are looking for cGMP equipment manufacturers and exporters in India that provide installation and maintenance service, contact Stalwart International.

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Centrifuge equipment plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical and regulated industries, where all the manufacturing processes proceed systematically to meet the quality standards set by the regulatory authority. We follow all the protocols and stringent regulations to manufacture Centrifuge equipment to ensure all the regulatory requirements are met.

Centrifuge is mostly required in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and chemical industries to adhere to the cGMP standards for cleanliness, hygiene, and safety.

Stalwart International is a leading manufacturer of industrial centrifuge machines in India. Contact Stalwart International if you’re looking for producers and exporters of Centrifuge equipment that offer installation and maintenance services.

What is Centrifuge?
Centrifuge stands for current good manufacturing practices. It is a set of rules and regulations that needs to be adhered to by the manufacturing industries for the manufacturing of high-quality, safe, and efficient process equipment used in pharmaceuticals.
What are the cGMP regulations for equipment manufacturing?
As per Centrifuge regulations, the industry process equipment should be of appropriate quality and design to seamlessly facilitate the operation for its intended purpose and cleaning and maintenance. Besides, when the equipment material comes in contact with components, in-process materials, or drug products, it should not be reactive, additive, or absorptive so as to maintain the quality, efficiency, and safety of the product.
Who monitors the Centrifuge compliance?
FDA, or Food and Drug Authority, monitors the Centrifuge compliance. If any industry fails to adhere to the stringent regulatory requirements, the penalties can vary from product recall and seizures to criminal penalties, which include hefty fines and jail in some cases. Stalwart International is your preferred partner to provide your chemical process equipment that meet all the Centrifuge compliance requirements.
What are the five main aspects of Centrifuge equipment?
As the leading Centrifuge equipment manufacturer in India, Stalwart International strictly adheres to the stringent regulatory requirements of Centrifuge. Here are the five essential aspects that we keep in mind while adhering to Centrifuge requirements: Quality control, Validation, Documentation, Timely preventive maintenance, Calibration.
What are the different Centrifuge equipment Stalwart International manufactures?
Centrifuge, sparkler filter or filter press, vacuum tray dryer, air tray dryer, octagonal blender, reactor, fluid bed dryer, multi mill, planetary mixer, pressure nutsche filter, Rotocone vacuum dryer, and Comminuting mill are some of the cGMP equipment that we design and manufacture. Besides, we even provide installation and maintenance services.


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