Overview of Resin and Paint Industry

Resins are polymerized organic substances that exhibit both solid and highly fluid properties. They may originate from synthetic or natural sources. A vast range of resins, which provide benefits including resistance to hydrolysis, exceptional weather resistance, outstanding gloss, and color retention, are used in the production of paints and coatings, particularly those meant for outdoor use. Due to rapid construction, the demand for resin and paint is significantly rising.

Stalwart International prides itself on providing a range of resin and paint equipment, such as resin reactors, mixing tanks, dispersion equipment, paint-filling machines, high-speed dispersers, and twin shaft dispersers. As a leading manufacturer since 1979, this cutting-edge equipment is made with precision. Here is the process:

1. The resin is synthesized in resin reactors by mixing raw materials to allow for a polymerization reaction.
2. The synthesized resin is then mixed with various pigments and additives in the mixing tanks and allowed to disperse in the dispersion equipment.
3. Sometimes, the mixing is also achieved by a high-speed disperser in order to dissolve material with different viscosities. Among these, the twin shaft disperser is suitable for low to high-viscous materials.
4. This will result in a glossy, clean finish, which is then packaged into paint-filling machines for specific use.

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Products used in the Resin and Paint Industry

Stalwart International is a prominent leader in the Indian manufacturing sector. We focus on creating, manufacturing, and implementing advanced process equipment for various international markets. To ensure compliance and reliability, we employ the most recent ISO-9001-certified production procedures and conduct thorough quality testing and inspection on every product.


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Why is a resin used to produce paint coating?
In addition to their resistance to weather and water, resins are used for manufacturing paint and coatings because they retain color and have a superior gloss. These items are made from a variety of resins, including epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, and polypropylene.
How do jacketed resin reactors work?
The agitator inside the vessel rotates towards the inside wall of the vessel, driving the resin reactors along with the main motor. As the resin passes over the agitator blades and combines with the additives, it becomes average. The vessel's inside temperature will rise due to the heating jacket. In the meantime, the cooling jacket is used to regulate interior temperature in order to meet production temperature requirements. The condenser will cool the vessel's evaporating steam into water, which will then flow to the buffer tank and return to the reactor.
What are the types of disperser or dispersion equipment used?
There are two types of dispersion equipment used, such as high-speed dispersers, and twin-shaft dispersers.
What are the raw materials required here?
Raw materials such as polyester, epoxy, acrylic, etc., along with various additives, including carbon black, titanium oxide, or pigment.
How does Stalwart International excel in manufacturing chemical reactors?
The need for stainless steel chemical reactors will only grow as production scaled up to meet the demands of several end-use industries. Stalwart International provides a wide range of stainless steel reactors for the production of chemicals, polymers, dyes, pigments, pharmaceutical products, and continuous stirred tank systems.
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