Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry

There are two types of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing: API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and Formulation Equipment. API equipment refers to specialized equipment that is designed to handle various stages of API synthesis, purification, and processing to ensure high-quality and potent pharmaceutical compounds.

Reactors, crystallizers, centrifuges, filtration systems, drying equipment, and high-speed dispersers make up the equipment used for API production. Here is how the process follows:

1. The raw material is provided as input in the reactors
2. Chemical synthesis occurs in the reactors for the creation of the API compound
3. The synthesized material undergoes crystallization to enhance the purity
4. The centrifuges separate solids from liquids, and filtration removes any impurity which is left.
5. The desired API enters the drying equipment to eliminate all the moisture.

Formulation equipment refers to a set of equipment to manufacture dosage forms of API, like tablets, capsules, creams, and ointments. Mixing vessels, tablet compression machines, coating equipment, packaging machinery, and high-speed dispersers make up the formulation equipment. Here’s how the process follows:

1. Raw materials, like API and excipients, are introduced in the manufacturing facility.
2. The raw materials are thoroughly mixed and blended to ensure homogeneity.
3. The blended materials are either compressed or encapsulated.
4. If the coating is required, then either functional, protective, or aesthetic coating is done as per the product’s characteristics.

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Products used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Stalwart International is one of the leading manufacturers of CGMP equipment, guaranteeing the manufacturing of high-quality and compliant equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Our different certifications, like ASME U and others, highlight our commitment to delivering high-quality services, from designing and fabrication to installation and maintenance, to streamline the pharmaceutical industry’s functioning.


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Why is utilizing high-quality equipment necessary?
Advanced and high-quality equipment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry to produce high-quality tablets or capsules with accurate dosage, uniformity, and desired characteristics.
What are the different coating equipment used in the manufacturing of tablets and capsules?
Pan coaters and fluidized bed coaters are used to apply coatings uniformly onto tablets or capsules.
What types of compliance requirements are required by a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer?
As the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment in India, Stalwart International is certified with ISO 9001:2015, which demonstrates our commitment to quality management.
What is the role of packaging machines?
Packaging machines include filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and inspection systems. These machines are used to pack and store the final products for safe transportation, storage, and distribution.
What machines are included in milling equipment?
Milling equipment includes mills and grinders, which are used to reduce the particle size of APIs and excipients.
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Customised Equipment
Machinery that is designed and manufactured according to your unique requirements and specifications.
Long-Standing Support
Maintenance checks and support services, long after your equipment has been manufactured and delivered.
International Standards
Equipment manufactured to precision in accordance with international regulations
Installation & Training Support
We install the equipment we manufacture at your facility as well as train your technicians to handle the equipment to optimise productivity.


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