Overview of Specialty Chemical

The chemical industry comprises a vast array of processes and industrial products that are critical to life in this modern world. The process begins with processing raw materials, which undergo chemical reactions in massive equipment, like reactors, to transform into final products. Reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, filtration systems, high-speed dispersers, and twin shaft dispersers are some major pieces of equipment used in the chemical industry to facilitate operations.

Here’s how the operations in the chemical industry proceed:
1. Raw materials undergo chemical reactions in reactors under controlled conditions.
2. Distillation vapor columns are used for separation
3. Separated components are filtered for purification
4. In the dispersion equipment, the desired properties and specifications of the final product are achieved.

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Products used in Chemical Industry

Stalwart International, one of the leading manufacturers of reactors and other equipment, is renowned for fabricating equipment tailored for the chemical industry. Our stringent quality controls and adherence to industry standards, like ISO 45001:2018, ASME U, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015, ensure that our equipment is designed with precision. From chemical reactors to twin-shaft dispersers, our experts diligently tailor the equipment to meet your industry requirements, fabricate it according to your process, and install it seamlessly on your premises.


What are the types of equipment used in the chemical industry?
The most commonly used equipment is chemical reactors, dispersers, heat exchangers, distillation columns, and filtration systems.
What are the most common types of chemical industries?
The broad categories of chemical industries include inorganic and organic chemical-producing industries, fertilizers, electroplating and heat treatment, pesticides, hydro-generated oil, and others.
Does Stalwart International offer customization services?
Yes, as the leading manufacturer of chemical reactors in India, we offer customized equipment tailored to your needs. We discuss your needs, conduct research, decide on a final product with your team, and then start the fabrication.
What type of services does Stalwart International offer?
We offer end-to-end services, from designing and manufacturing to installation and maintenance.
What are the different types of processes performed in the chemical industry?
Custom process equipment is required for mixing, pelletizing, drying, cooling, and handling raw materials, finished products, and by-products.
We apply across an array of sectors,
including but not limited to
Customised Equipment
Machinery that is designed and manufactured according to your unique requirements and specifications.
Long-Standing Support
Maintenance checks and support services, long after your equipment has been manufactured and delivered.
International Standards
Equipment manufactured to precision in accordance with international regulations
Installation & Training Support
We install the equipment we manufacture at your facility as well as train your technicians to handle the equipment to optimise productivity.


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