Top Features of a Pugmill Mixer

When you are trying to buy a pug mill mixer the first thing that you should look into is the kind of function that it can perform. In this context, you need to be clear about what you would need from the same. Do you just want to mix clay on your own? In that case, all that you would need is a simple clay mixer. If you are looking for a mixer that can empty itself, you should go for a mixer that has a pug mill or even one that comes with a tilting hopper. Do you want a clay that is good enough to be thrown straight away without any need for wedging?

It’s capacity

The best pug mill manufacturers out there always keep this factor in mind when they make their products. When you are choosing such mixers, it is extremely important that you first have a clear idea of what you need in this regard. You do not want to overestimate and then buy a machine only to use once or twice a year. At the same time, you must not underestimate your needs as well. In that case, the machine would not be able to give you what you are looking for from it.

It’s ventilation

This is also an important factor when it comes to selecting a pug mill mixer. This is especially true when you are trying to mix materials such as clay. The ventilation system would help control dust. It would come in handy because at times even the tightest of lids in the hopper is not sufficient for such purposes. The good thing is that these days you do get dust collection systems. At times, you may also have an existing system that you can connect to. Do keep in mind that you would have to wear a mask when you are working with dry material even if the mixer has a ventilation system.

Its electrical requirements

The one reason why you should buy from the best pug mill manufacturers is that it makes sure that matters such as electrical requirements are properly taken care of. Normally, if you buy the bigger machines, they would have bigger motors, and this means that they would need more power to work with as well. If your pug mill and mixer are two separate machines you would need to arrange for both as well.


Storage and cleaning are also important considerations when you are dealing with a pug mill mixer. This is especially true when you are working with the likes of clay. When you are changing from dark to light clay this would come in handy. The same is also applicable when you have bought a machine that does not have a tight seal. Without all these, you would have to clean the machine yourself and that can be quite a formidable task. Therefore, you need to find a machine that can be unassembled quickly so that you can clean it easily. Safety is also of paramount importance while choosing these machines.

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