How To Avoid These 4 Chemical Tank Mistakes

When it comes to storing hazardous & flammable chemicals, there’s no room for error. This blog article dives into the top mistakes businesses make with chemical tanks and how to avoid them to make your workplace safer.

As a global leader in designing and manufacturing Process Equipment for the Chemical Industry in India and globally for over four decades, Stalwart International recognizes the significance of selecting the appropriate chemical storage solution. Our professional chemical storage tank manufacturers design and develop customized heavy-gauge stainless steel tanks that can be utilized for various industry applications. Stalwart tanks are designed to focus on safety and quality to exceed regulations and industry standards.

Why Proper Chemical Tank Handling Matters?

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, fertilizers, and petroleum refining rely on chemical storage tank manufacturers for building reliable and durable storage tanks to securely store and process hazardous substances. As per a recent survey, the total production of chemicals and petrochemicals in 2022-2023 (up to September 2022) was 26570 thousand metric tons. Failures or breaches in storage and reaction vessels can endanger lives and cause severe environmental and financial damage due to the daily handling of large quantities and various corrosive or volatile chemicals.

For example, in 2019, a reactor explosion at a pharmaceutical facility in Hyderabad tragically claimed the lives of two individuals and injured many others. Proper usage, management, and maintenance of reactors by reputable manufacturers are essential for preventing such catastrophic accidents.

Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs With Chemical Tanks

Many facilities purchase chemical tanks without giving them much thought and understanding their business needs, which can be costly in the long run. That’s why we have mentioned the top mistakes you should avoid while handling chemical tanks:

Incomplete Information

As a buyer, the important thing you should specify to the industrial storage tank manufacturer company is what kind of chemicals will be stored and their concentration because corrosion is one thing that deteriorates the tank’s quality.

Corrosion causes uniform or localised deterioration and degradation of materials over time. In extreme cases, it can result in the unanticipated failure of reactors. Moreover, some reactor manufacturers frequently use substandard and low-quality materials that lack adequate corrosion resistance to reduce initial costs. However, this is ultimately more costly due to high maintenance costs and disruptions caused by premature failures.

However, as a prominent chemical storage tank manufacturer, we employ corrosion-resistant alloys and coatings of superior quality to provide superior long-term resistance under demanding process conditions. Stalwart’s chemical reactors last longer with minimal maintenance, ensuring high lifecycle performance.

Stalwart International assures safety and compliance by utilizing the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials. It decreases the risks to people and the environment posed by corrosion-related disasters. It also contributes to the continuous compliance with process safety standards throughout the reactor’s operational lifetime.

Construction Flaws During Manufacturing or Installing

Construction defects in chemical tanks comprise a variety of issues, ranging from inferior materials and shoddy craftsmanship to inadequate quality control measures during the manufacturing process. These defects can compromise the tank’s structural integrity, leaving it vulnerable to corrosion, leakage, and other malfunctions.

Moreover, you need to ensure the right equipment, like cranes or forklifts with extended forks, to offload the equipment in the right place properly. Sometimes, installation at an improper place, like other chemical spills or compromised plant walls, can also damage the tank.

As one of the leading chemical storage tank manufacturers in India, Stalwart possesses extensive knowledge of the metallurgy and welding technologies necessary for storage tank construction. Our team of highly qualified engineers and metallurgists examines design drawings and conducts strength tests to ensure tank shells can withstand high temperatures and pressures while operating. Moreover, we extend our services to installation and maintenance, ensuring our products work seamlessly with the other equipment.

Improper Maintenance

One of the most frequent errors tank owners make is neglecting appropriate maintenance. Approximately 30-40% of tank-related incidents yearly are due to issues that regular maintenance could have avoided. Not only can neglecting basic maintenance tests result in environmental hazards, but also severe financial and legal repercussions.

Tanks require routine maintenance to ensure they function correctly and store petroleum products securely. Things like checking for corrosion on the tank’s interior and exterior, verifying sensors and alarms are working, and inspecting piping and valves for leaks are all essential aspects of maintenance. However, many owners neglect these essential tasks due to insufficient time or knowledge. When minor problems are not addressed immediately, they can become much larger and more costly.

Stalwart International recognizes the significance of tank maintenance and provides competent industrial storage tank manufacturing services to assist owners in meeting compliance requirements and preventing accidents. Qualified technicians will conduct repairs, retrofits, and upgrades as required

Ignoring Safety Regulations

Failure to comply with applicable safety regulations is one of the most frequent and serious errors companies make. Organisations put employees, consumers, and the general public at risk of injury by not adhering to mandated safety standards and protocols.

As a leading chemical storage tank manufacturer in India, Stalwart International’s top priority is maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We are committed to complying with all environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations governing our industry and operations. All our manufactured equipment undergo regular safety audits and assessments to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance.

Stalwart International – Your Safety Partner

In chemical storage, preventing common errors can make an enormous difference. Stalwart International is a prominent industrial storage tank manufacturer in India. We have collaborated with businesses to customize reliable chemical reactors to manage hazardous materials and long-lasting solutions.

We guarantee safety and compliance as one of India’s foremost chemical storage tank suppliers and process equipment manufacturers. We design and build ASME-compliant pressure vessels and reactors of the highest quality for industries nationwide.

We provide dependable and long-lasting reactors constructed from different grades of stainless steel, and tanks that withstand demanding chemical processing conditions for decades. Moreover, our services do not end at chemical tanks manufacturing; we offer holistic services, including installation and chemical storage tanks maintenance services.

Stalwart International has a solution whether you need a chemical reactor or storage tank. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements or problems. Our experts will gladly assist you in overcoming your industry challenge and boosting productivity.

If you are interested in buying process equipment from Stalwart International or want to know more about our products and services, you can contact us in the following ways: Visit our website Call us at +91 7030113388 Email us at

Stalwart International is a process equipment manufacturer in India that aims to provide innovative solutions for your engineering needs. With our expertise, experience and excellence, we can help you achieve remarkable outcomes for your business.

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